Friday, August 3, 2007

The Ugly Side of American Foreign Policy

In the business world today image is very important. It is closely guarded in the form of trademarks, emblems, advertisements, and such by a small group of designated representatives of these corporations. These corporate ambassador's to the public are much the same as our U.S. State Department is for our government as a whole. And the worst thing that can happen to a this is to have it hijacked by people that are not part of the official channels. This seems to be the case when politicians vying for higher office decide to blurt out clearly outrageous remarks as Tancredo did recently by threatening that if he were in charge he would warn Muslim Extremists that the U.S. would target their most holy sites in retaliation. Now to make this clear for any Muslims that may read this blog. Please note that the American People would NOT stand nor allow such actions to ever take place. Actions like this would be considered a war crime if it was ever attempted as a policy.

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Now that type of comment by Rep. Tancredo while totally in the extreme is not the only item of issue that has come out of our wonderful electorial process. We all need to consider our words more carefully so that we don't impact our current government foreign policy. As in the case where Sen. Obama attempted to show that he is not naive when it comes to dealing with other world leaders. He deemed it necessary to threaten to invade Pakistan in his search for Osama Bin Laden and the remaining Taliban elements. Well this may make great political fodder, it makes a horrible impression on our current attempts to get some cooperation from Pakistan so we can go into that country quietly and assist them in taking out the Taliban forces. This action by Sen. Obama comes right back to him as a prime example of how naive he is in these matters of state. Of course we all wish would could walk into a foreign country and extricate those that may be planning to destroy our country, but we don't broadcast these plans so indelicately and directly as he has. We simply state that we will have a policy of intervention where possible and with close coordination with our allies. Nothing more than that. And definitely nothing specific!

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This all goes to show how our own officials can destroy and distort the message of our foreign policy to the world. We may be a country with many free voices, but we must all be aware that we all have a responsibility to watch what we say in our country's name.

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