Saturday, August 4, 2007

U.S. House takes on FISA rules where the Senate rubber stamps GOP bill

Now it appears we have sanity in the House and none in the Senate? What is going on in Washington? Typically, the House of Representatives are the hotheads that furiously debate issues and the Senate calmly, and rationally take on the issues raised by the House. But now it appears to be turned around.

Take today for instance, the Senate simply pushed through the GOP crafted FISA bill. Effectively, bowing to pressure from the Bush Administration and the GOP cries that this will stave off some invisable, unseen and impending terrorist attack. All this despite the fact that the current FISA rules do not say they can't eavesdrop on these communications, they simply need to get warrants to do so. And these warrants are still the type that can be requested "after" the communications are intercepted. So please give me a break! The issue is not impossible, just difficult given that they don't like asking for warrants period.

But what gets my dander up is that we have been doing this for five years or so and they are now complaining that it has to be done immediately if not yesterday! This is a typical GOP tactic of using the "GWOT" as a rubberstamp to push whatever they desire through Congress. Well I am glad for once to see someone putting the brakes on and attempting to evaluate the FISA bill instead of giving Bush another "Blank Check" to run his private war. Accountability is a necessary part of any legislation and after five years of letting them run things into the ground it is time to put accountability back into government.

Thank you Rep. Nancy Pelosi!

Calling it like I see it,

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