Friday, July 27, 2007

The Truth is out there?

It appears that the very definition of "truth" is in the mind of the person speaking at the time in these congressional hearings. Yesterday, Mr. Gonzales spoke his version of the truth about his bedside conversations with Ashcroft and stated that the subject of the conversation was not the NSA Program that conducts domestic eavesdropping. But instead alluded that the subject was some other program which he would not describe to them.

This seems to conflict with Mr. Comey's testimony and he was even in the room at the time! Mr. Comey, whom was acting head of the DOJ while Ashcroft was in the hospital, states that Gonzales asked him to reauthorize the domestic eavesdropping program and he turned him down. Then soon afterwards he paid a surprise visit on Ashcroft to pressure him to overrule his acting head of the DOJ. This would be a simple case of two different versions of the truth, but now Mr. Mueller, then head of the FBI, agrees with Mr. Comey as he spoke with Mr. Ashcroft after the meeting and was told the same thing from him.

And now that everyone on the hill is upset enough to start seriously looking at calling a special prosecutor we get a calming voice from our illustrious FOX correspondent now Press Secretary for the white house saying that its all simply a matter of using different words to say the same thing. He goes on to say that its all a mistake because sensitive issues require complex terminology and congress just can't seem to handle big words. Well maybe he didn't say the last part, but he alluded to it! But to summarize he makes the statement that "misinterpretations" and "misleading remarks" are bound to occur when discussing sensitive issues. I'm sorry, but that is a truck load of foul smelling fertilizer he is trying to get the people to swallow. Congress is perfectly capable of going into a classified hearing to discuss sensitive topics.

But the problem here is that Mr. Gonzales didn't state that fact. He simply lied to cover what was said. Whether that was a bonehead mistake to protect something sensitive or that he was trying to cover his rear we can't tell until the truth of the matter comes out. But the fact still remains. If he couldn't discuss the topic then he should have said so. Instead he chose to fabricate some loophole in terminology to make it appear he didn't discuss the Domestic Eavesdropping Program, because let's say he referred to it as "Program 916" instead at the hospital. So there, he wasn't talking about the eavesdropping program!

Mr. Snow states today that "Does Bob Mueller once use the phrase 'terrorist surveillance program'?" Snow asked. "The answer is no. He talks about 'an NSA program.'" So was he there to give him a floral bouqet and a card? Again NO! These symantics while somewhat acceptable when trying to explain to your wife why you where out late at night are NOT acceptable when under oath in front of a congressional hearing. Sorry, Mr. Snow... no points for you this round.

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