Monday, July 16, 2007

Watch out Abbas! Bush is trying to help!

Okay... we have the democrats in the senate hammering the president over his bad iraq midterm report card. And its resonating so much that the some leading republicans are actually putting forth their own plans to the president to start executing a pullout. So what would you think Bush would do under so much pressure even from his own party to do something quick before the election next year! He shrugs it off till september and tells everyone to look at the problems Abbas is having with his Palestinian State!

I'm sorry... But WHAT the &#@& is he doing? I know its a standard political distraction tactic. But at the same time, I can hear everyone screaming from the hill saying, "NO! Don't touch it!", like frantic parents of a clumsy child in an expensive china shop. Let Israel and the U.N. work on that touchy subject. Or better yet send a diplomat, but not Condi as she has enough to do selling your failed agenda to congress. Anyone, but someone from the Bush administration! Maybe Bill Clinton can spare a few moments from the campaign trail with Hillary. We don't want to cause another war in the middle east? Do we?


It's a bit cynical I'll admit. But tell me I'm not right?

Calling it as I see it,

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