Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wynter's State of the Union

Okay... for those that have been living under a rock for the past seven years, welcome to Hell Republican-style. Our current Commander-in-Chief, whom you all know, has enjoyed many years of destroying our way of life from ignoring Habeas Corpus and padding the Supreme Court to Domestic Spying and redrawing the Three Branches of Government so that he is on top all the time. Hail to the Chief!

So for this installment of Wynter's Ravings and Ramblings, I am dedicating it to King George in his interesting attempt to circumvent the Congressional Hearings on his good ole friend Alberto Gonzales in the Dept. of Justice with their investigation into the alleged firings of Federal Prosecutors for Political Reasons. Now they are not saying he couldn't fire someone, or that he couldn't fire the whole lot of them. They are concerned that those specific Prosecutors were fired because they didn't hunt down and jail more democrats in their areas of the responsibility. But the focus of today's g is that George is trying to annex the Executive Branch of Government from anything to do with Congress. Now that, my friend, is pretty brazen. I guess if Dick can say that he isn't really an entity of the executive branch then George can say he doesn't have to answer to Congress on anything he does either. Well I guess we will see as it looks like this town isn't big enough for both Congress and the White House. I'll bring the popcorn and meet you at the O.K. Corral later this month!

Wynter's Prediction: This will lead not just to a Constitutional Showdown in the Supreme Court, but it will be one of the grounds for an upcoming Impeachment Hearing. Now I want to see that Televised!

Till next time!
The Wynter Dragon

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