Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Republican Spin Cycle

I've been pretty quiet this past month as all the presidential candidates have invaded the New Hampshire countryside giving every person they can pull aside an earful of rhetoric. Thankfully, I haven't been one of those unlucky folks. Not to say that I don't wish to hear their speeches firsthand. I just don't want to stand out in the cold only to hear alot of hot air that has been said a dozen times already by another candidate. It's a verbal assualt on our common senses, not just our ears. Take Rudy for example...

Rudy is taking up the mantle of Bush's War Policy and stating that we were right to go into Iraq, even though a majority of the public now says it was a mistake. So we were right to vote for the war in Iraq, before we were wrong? Well that straightens everything out. So Rudy is saying we were right all along to attack Iraq and get us stuck in an endless cycle of insurgent attacks, IEDs, and religious civil unrest. I hate to see him when he's wrong. It seems that every Republican candidate is fighting to one up the other to appear in some way MORE conservative than the others. Last week it was the appealling to the Christian Evangelists as everyone seemed to run to Bob Jones University to be annointed their next saint. Now it's a race to see who can appear more militarily gunho for the Gun Lobby and the Military Rightwingers.

But the problem here is that they are missing what is truely important to the public at this time. They are following the Bush Jr. playbook instead of the Bush Sr. playbook.

1). Did Bush Sr. want to get into a land war in Iraq? NO.
2). Did Bush Sr. want to appear strong on national defense? YES.
3). Did Bush Sr. want to go on a pre-emptive war streak through the Middle East? NO!!!!
4). Did Bush Sr. lose his re-election on his war stance? NO.
5). What did Bush Sr. lose his re-election to? "It's the economy, Stupid!"

The people are scared, this is true. But moderate measures are needed now. Not the pre-emptive war measures put forth by the neocons. That is what got us into a two-war scenario with our troops being overburdened with multiple tours of duty and extended stays in-country. What we need now is a moderate warhawk not an gunho warmonger. Get it right Conservative Candidates!

As for the domestic concerns of healthcare, social security and S-CHIP, its as if the Republican candidates have forgot that they were once the fiscal conservatives. We are porkbarrelling the Iraq War spending bills with R&D for programs that are years off or killed by Congress years ago. But of course we can spend a little extra to help children get health coverage on the home front.

In the end, its obvious that the Republican Leadership doesn't get it and that will be their downfall next year.

Telling it like I see it,

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