Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bush's Scary Thought Process

Well George Bush is at it again. Another dose of his expert decisionmaking this time on SCHIP. This is the same man who thought a land war in Iraq would be easy and we are still looking for those WMDs you lost George. You'd think he would take the hint that his record on decisions ain't so good. He has an AG getting into trouble during his supposedly easy confirmation in the Senate. For some reason that is going south because he doesn't want to state that "Waterboarding" is an illegal form of torture. You also have Bush's head of the Consumer Product Safety Commision, Nancy Nord, under attack for not being aggressive enough in stopping unsafe toys from being imported by China. She claims to be overburdened and worried about harming these companies that are openly violating our safety laws more than she is about protecting kids from being harmed by lead-tainted toys. It could be because she only hired one tester for all the millions of products coming across into the country. Seems "The Decider" has not been very good at anything lately. And we should now trust him to judge what is the right way to protect our uninsured kids? Not a chance.

The sticking point with Bush isn't the amount of funds going to covering low income families children. It's that it's not "his" idea. Talk about being an obstructionist. So since it's not his bill, it isn't allowed to become law? It's time to tell Bush that we are done letting him run "our" country into the ground. He hasn't made one good decision since he came to office. It's time to let the Congress do the People's work. They have the Will of the People in mind, not Bush.

He would rather us spend an even larger amount of money on this so-called Emergency Spending Bill for the Iraq War. Which by the way, has had it's scope broadened by the Pentagon to include everything but the kitchen sink. It used to be that these Emergency Spending Bills could ONLY contain items that pertained to the immediate war in Iraq and Afghanistan such as resupplying them with equipment and additional services. Now the Pentagon has stated they can add anything on their "wish list" including "R&D" projects that are five to ten years out to be available. Some of these items are for equipment and programs that were either previously halted by Congress or are still in development. It's Pentagon Pork at it's best! So Bush would rather sneak in his favorite contractor's expensive R&D project instead of making sure American Children are given the health care they deserve. This is America by the way, not some third world country, Mr. Bush. Time to get your hands out of our Halloween Candy!

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