Sunday, November 4, 2007

Executive Power Corruption by Bush

Another week and another threat by Bush. Now he is warning the Senate Judiciary Committee that unless they approve Mukasey for AG he will do so with a recess appointment. Well, he didn't come right and say it, but the message was received loud and clear in his statement Friday. The problem is that Congress is listening and responding by allowing an obviously weak AG candidate get approved for the office. The normal method of dealing with this is a back and forth process with the White House to find an appropriate candidate. But with this president abusing his Executive powers in using recess appointments for almost every troublesome office it's fairly quickly destroyed the entire vetting process.

So when will Congress take Bush to court over his recess appointments? Or anything else for that matter? His abuses in office appear to be continuing all the way up to his final days in office. It's time for this Congress to push back. If it takes a government shutdown, then so be it. I was a government employee during the last shutdown and while it was difficult to deal with it is sometimes necessary. If you are faced with a corrupted Executive power, you need to use extraordinary measures including a shutdown of the government to put a halt to their abuses. We all agree that we need to support our troops, but allowing a corrupt official to continue to push his own agenda over the majority of Congress is unlawful and should be dealt with.

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