Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Musharraf Following in Bush's Footsteps?

It's interesting reading about the events going on in Lahore, Pakistan the past couple days. You've got your Activist Judges and Lawyers being incarcirated for going against the will of the President. And you are seeing the Supreme Court being used somewhat as a tool to affect an election. You have the media being blocked and indicted as being an accomplice to the opposition. It's all reminiscent of Bush's tactics over his past years as president. He has used the Supreme Court system to put himself on the throne, so to speak. Whereas Musharraf silenced the Supreme Court from deciding on his situation of running for president again and being head of the armed forces.

All comedy aside, it is quite interesting that Bush's same complaints about Congress, the Activist Judges and even the Media are being played out in a similar, yet more militaristic manner in Pakistan. These two dictators have the same thoughts and game plans in mind. I wonder how many times Bush has thought about following through where Musharraf has acted already. Can you imagine Bush dissolving our government and claiming himself president for a third term without an election? It's possible given the laws on the books. But it would tear our country apart in the process.

Let's just hope that Bush doesn't pull the pin.

Telling it like I see it,

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