Friday, November 16, 2007

Senate Republicans Fail Our Troops

The senate republicans blocked another chance to change our course of the Iraq war once again. It's interesting to note that the republicans tried to pass their own funding bill which was 20 billion more than the democrats bill and it failed by a much higher margin in the senate. Afterwards the senate minority leader Mitch McConnell complained about the democrats "inability to accomplish anything here in the senate." Well I hate to remind you Mitch, but you are part of the senate and your actions blocking bills in the senate aren't accomplishing anything either.

If we are grading the senate democrat's "accomplishments" we also need to grade the senate republican's on their "obstructions". If you are the group obstructing bills in the senate then you don't get the right to complain about the democrats lack of accomplishing progress. The senate republicans are not listening to the broad public outcry to bring this war to a close. They continue to blindly follow a failed presidency and are dragging this war out for political reasons. They want the next president to have to deal with a war situation and they think the american people will vote republican if there is still a war on. The situation sickens me to think that anyone in our government would knowingly use our troops for political gain. Toying with our troops lives and well being for years in a deadly war zone by the senate republicans is deplorable. The facts are clear. The democrats are trying to steer our troops out of harm's way while the republicans are using our troops for political leverage. They love to claim that we won't "surrender", but what they are really calling for is our troops to "suicide" or be used as "sacrifices" for the republican effort to scare their way into power.


Telling it like I see it,

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