Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Real Terrorists

Homeland Security is pushing another security threat brought to us by your friendly Al Qaeda office somewhere out in Afghanistan. Or is that Pakistan. No, no, Cheney says it's in Iraq. Maybe tomorrow it will be in Iran. Forgive me for being sarcastic as this administration still hasn't even located Osama Bin Laden, so trusting them to get the facts straight on who is a threat to whom is certainly suspect. Their latest theoretical target that Al Qaeda wants to strike next is our malls. Interesting that they didn't say which one? I guess they thought any old one would do in a pinch. Maybe if the mall is too far away they would simply attack one of the strip malls instead. A little less shopping targets to hit, but at least it might scare some would-be shoppers into a tizzy and lower the local J. C. Penney's sales targets for the week.

Now in the middle of all this sarcasm is a fairly large fact. Why would Al Qaeda suddenly think that it is a wonderful idea to attack your local Macy's, Sears or Walmart this time of year? It's been six years since they hit us in New York City. I guess they are aiming a little lower nowadays. Or maybe they wanted to lull us into a false sense of security so they could spring this latest diabolical plan on us. The real problem is that the Homeland Security people are eating up every little "threat" aka "joke" that is being leaked at their expense. Does Al Qaeda have to blow up anything to make us react in fear? Not with Homeland Security on the job. They might as well be Al Jazera spokesmen. The fact is the target of these people is our fear. They don't have to kill a single person to do this. They already have the Bush administration and the GOP destroying our way of life in America through the Patriot Act, Domestic Spying and Guantanamo. Not to mention all the trillions of dollars that we have spent on these mistakes both inside and outside of the United States. I hate to say it, but I saw this coming right after 9/11.

Right after 9/11, our government recoiled in terror and quickly destroyed our countries values all in the name of stopping Al Qaeda in their tracks. We can't stop terror, by reacting in total fear everytime these people hint at some attack. We need to continue believing in our values that this country was built upon. Liberty, Freedom, and Justice. We cannot dilute them and still remain the country we were on 9/10. We must get back to the rule of law and stop bending and breaking the law in the hunt for terrorists. As the Bush Administration has followed this path to secure our country they have done what no terrorist could ever do, the destroyed our form of government. The real terrorists are those that claim to know whats best for us. It's time to get on with our lives and take back our country from those that would have us all inspected, documented, cleared, reviewed, and stamped with approval from three or four neighbors that could vouch for us being good people.

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